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In an IELTS Listening test, you would have to listen to a few audio recordings played by the examiner and answer the questions given below. These audio recordings will be in the form of monologues or conversations between two or more people.


IELTS Listening Test Format

You will have to listen to four recordings (conversations and monologues) and then answer the questions asked. The recordings are of native English speakers and a variety of accents are used. Remember, you can hear each recording only once.

  • Recording 1: You will listen to a dialogue placed in daily life and context.

  • Recording 2: You will listen to a monologue about everyday life or social context. For instance, a talk on the condition of streets in an area.

  • Recording 3: You will listen to a conversation between more than two people placed in a training or educational context. For instance, a teacher discussing an assignment with students.

  • Recording 4: You will listen to a monologue on any academic subject. For instance, a college lecture.

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