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TRUBIZSOL ACADEMY offers a range of English language courses to help you live, study and work internationally with confidence. The classes are conducted by a team of highly qualified Australian and European Native English teachers. We provide classes at beginner, 
Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced levels to help you progress your language skills. 
TRUBIZSOL proudly associated with Language Training Institute (LTi) Australia to focus delivering high quality training to people who want to Teach English to Speakers Of Other Languages (TESOL) around the world. We believe that teaching English to speakers of other languages will open a world of opportunity for both our graduates and their students. LTi is the leading TESOL course provider in Australia and overseas for over 25 years and made a difference to over 10000 graduates, do something meaningful and truly rewarding.

Our English language courses will help you acquire essential conversation skills needed to build a new life at domestic and international platform. This will help to unlock your potential to communicate effectively in the workplace.
Come and join us for an incredible journey to pursue a fulfilling future.

Gopal Garg, Founder

Gopal has been working as a senior executive in the Asia Pacific region for 20 years, and has worked in India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Philippines.

He has worked across numerous vertical markets with such multinational corporations as Xerox and Ricoh. He has also participated in four successful new business startups in India and Australia. Originally, from a strong sales and marketing background, Gopal's international experience over four decades has given him an exceptional understanding of customer experience, their challenges and requirements.  

Gopal associated with Australia's top English teaching Institute to upskill English language teachers in India who facilitate learning and mentor the students through their schooling and also engage with parents/community stakeholders to create girl-friendly ecosystems. Support educating underprivileged children especially the girl child in rural areas, street child and disabled child across India.

In a strategic advisory capacity, Gopal has advised a wide range of clients including global corporations, governments, trade missions, public sector companies, privately held companies and aid agencies. His advice has centred around strategic change and leveraging the potential of technology for strategic advantage. 

Gopal has been a professional speaker and written white papers on topic- "#Video Contact Centre Support - Disruptive Communication Technology" and articles "#Multicounty#sourcing#strategy for outsourcing" .

Gopal has a bachelor's degree with honours in Commerce from University of Delhi and Post Graduate Diplomas in marketing, sales, management and business administration from Business School, University of Auckland, New Zealand.


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