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Contact Centre Agents and Managers Training

Learn how to handle customers in Call Centres


Telesales Workshop

A Step By Step Process To Teach You How To Sell Products And Services By

Phone To Australian Prospects And Get Any Appointments You Want

This course will be conducted in six one hour sessions over 2 weeks via the Zoom

platform. Each person will create their own telemarketing script during the course

and present it to the trainer for correction. Comprehensive workbooks included.

Inbound Customer Service Sales

  • How your attitude dictates your results

  • How to build rapport quickly with the customer

  • The importance of focusing on the use of positive language

  • 5 Ways to develop a captivating tonality

  • How to detect your customer’s true needs

  • The great listening skills that will transform your customers into raving fans

  • What you must do to present your product/service on the phone effectively

  • The secrets to converting 70% of enquiries into sales

  • How to easily handle difficult customers and complaints

  • Simple strategies to add-on and cross sell

  • How to write emails and letters so they get read

  • What you must never say when putting people on hold

  • The secret voicemail strategies to keep them calling you

Telesales outbound – Outbound telesales course

  • How to create a telemarketing script that doubles your sales instantly

  • The little-known ways to get through the gatekeeper

  • The 5 critical Trigger Words that compel people to buy

  • What you must do now to ensure 9 out of 10 enquiries convert into a sale

  • How to get 7 out of 10 contacts to make an appointment

  • How to build rapport quickly with 3 powerful questions

  • The listening skills that give you total credibility

  • The four ingredients that make a compelling offer

  • The secrets to overcoming every objection.

  • How to increase the value of the purchase

  • Essential techniques to follow up quotes, mail outs,complaints and turn them into orders

  • How to follow up existing customers, inactive customers and sales

  • The techniques to overcome call reluctance


✓ Anyone who has inbound telephone contact with clients.

✓ Inbound Sales staff 

✓ Customer Service staff 

✓ Business Owners

✓ Sales Managers



Sales Managers

Sales Reps

Team leaders.

What you will learn: 

  • Recognise the qualities of highly successful telemarketers.

  • The Importance of a positive attitude

  • Tonality on the phone (5 ways to sound fantastic and not cause resistance)

  • Telephone etiquette in Australia

  • How to open a call

  • How to build rapport on the phone

  • Master some powerful questioning and listening skills

  • How to close an appointment

  • The 4 vital ingredients of a good sales presentation on the phone

  • How to handle objections without causing resistance

  • Trial closes and full closes

  • How to do the follow up call for quotes, email promotions ,past customers, existing

  • customers, sales

  • Upselling and cross selling

  • The 6 parts of preparation and planning your campaign

  • 1. Setting goals for how many calls and sales you want per day, measuring

  • success

  • 2. Writing your script for your call

  • 3. Writing your objection handling script

  • 4. Targeting the right prospects,

  • 5. Preparing yourself

  • 6. Preparing a follow-up system

  • How to write professional emails

  • How to overcome call reluctance


Essential Customer Service Workshop

This is a workshop that teaches you the fundamental skills for

delivering customer service. The skills can be applied to all

customer interactions including phone, face to face, email. And

other digital platforms. The workshop will be conducted in two

90-minute sessions via the ZOOM platform. Participants will

have the opportunity to practice skills during the session.

Workbooks and activity tools are provided.


What is customer service?

Customer service is an important part of every business. Creating

positive interactions can help ensure your company continues to draw

new and repeat customers by developing a cohesive relationship.

What are customer service skills?

Customer service skills are the set of behaviors you rely on when

interacting with the customer. They can also be useful when following

up after an initial conversation. They are the traits and practices that

equip you to address customer needs and foster a positive

experience. Customer service skills rely heavily on problem solving

and communication. They include traits like active listening,

empathy and the ability to read verbal and nonverbal cues.

This online workshop will cover all the essential skills to provide

service excellence to the customers who engage with your



 Learn about our framework for conducting customer

centric conversations

 Embrace the mindset of thinking like the customer

with our best practice model for customer


 Co- create a set of standards (rules of engagement)

that will help guide the process of consistently

allowing customers experience great service from

every interaction with your call centre.


​✓ Inbound Customer Service Agents.

✓ Service administrators

✓ Team Leaders, Supervisors and Subject Matter


What participants will learn: 

 The necessary skills and desired behaviours

of a customer service operator

 A set of skills and behaviours for dealing with

customers during the various types of

customer interactions including:

- Active Listening

- Asking Questions

- Presenting Solutions

- Closing the call

 Expert call control by engaging with the

caller from the onset and confidently

managing calls through each stage of the

interaction and to a successful conclusion

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